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Gadget Saver® Small; (for smaller devices up to 10x15cm ) including All Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Watches, Bluetooth Headsets, Car remotes, Diabetic electronic measuring equipment, Hearing Aids, Earphones, Small Cameras, USB Memory Sticks & Small Medical Testing Kits.  

The most popular by far is the “Small” sized device that consists of 1 resealable outer bag used as the “repairing area” and inside the resealable bag are 2 x cotton swabs for cleaning and drying off excess dirt and moisture. 1 x antistatic cleaning cloth to absorb moisture from the wet device ( throw away after use and please don’t put it in the drying bag!! ) . 1 x trade maked – a one way weave super “absorbanacy pack”  containing 100% safe “magic” crystals that pulls the moisture in the air in to the tiny chambers and keep it there. 1 x instructions leaflet that says ….if it wasn’t normal water but salt or fizzy or coffee, Human even, and or other liquids then you need to give the wet device a little bath…oh yes a little dunking is required to wash any other substances other than normal water off the device .( please note rust or corrission are setting in and this is why it must be neutralised back to normal water for the Gadget Saver device to do it’s job properly and start saving your device).

If it’s a phone then remove any possible items (battery,sim card, memory card etc) then make sure it’s either powered off or you have removed the battery and then put it in a glass or bowl of water a few times gently and then use the anti static cloth to remove excess water and GENTLY use the cotton swabs to remove excess dirt on contacts etc…then place the wet device into the Gadget Saver bag and gently push out any excess air and reseal the bag at the top where you feel the grip a seal…the air inside the bag contains moisture and the “Magic” bag first pulls the moisture from the bag then sets about pulling the remaining liquid from the wet device until it’s all gone..

Instructions – The Repair Process

Rule of thumb…an mp3 player has been saved (straight after soaking) in 8 hours ..however a mobile phone is best saved by leaving it in the bag for 24 hours just to be safe.PLEASE NOTE

If you open the bag you will allow the moisture in the air back in to the drying area. In this case start the 12/24 hour cyle over again!!

….when the now dried out device is taken out of the Gadget Saver bag you must charge it on a full cycle ( at least 4 hours) before turning it on…a wet battery basically scambles it’s memory and by fully charging it you are reseting the recharge cycle. If your device does not work there are few things to do …1 place it back in the Gadget Saver bag for a further 24hours as the it might still have some moisture left (but not likely) 2. You may need a new battery 3. by leaving the product plugged in you might be able to extract the data 4. You might have left it too long between the accident and using Gadget Saver. 5. Please remember that smaller electronic devices don’t have enough battery power to kill the device if it came into contact with liquid. Common sense says that the longer the time between the accident and the type of liquid involved in the accident plus the time to getting it into the Gadget Saver bag all matter…however we have a saved an ipod that was soaked three months prior to using the Gadget Saver device ..honestly! Good luck, please contact us for any further guides and help and Happy Saving from the Gadget Saver Team

Includes post and pack in Ireland and plus €5.00 to UK and Europe


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