About Us


Gadget Saver was a eureka moment back in 2010 when the founder Paul ( who has worked in the mobile phone and accessory business for a combined 11 years ) noticed all electronical goods are shipped in a way to keep them dry whilst in transit especially on the high seas.

The idea came like a bolt from the blue that if we could use the same technique but in reverse (and also disapate any left over battery power than can cause further damage) then we might be on the right path….we were, and It took 7 months of research and development from concept through to the finished product that is a portable pocket sized device and is a 100% safe unit that quickly and safely extracts all moisture from wet devices from a hearing aid up to a tablet (like iPad).

The Company was given a testing voucher from Enterprise Ireland and tests were completed by the highly respected Dublin City University to show that it was 98.6% successful and the only fails were from items dropped in fizzy drinks and left over night prior to being placed in the Gadget Saver device.

The company was then founded in 2011 and is based in Ireland and has to date achieved sales and distributions / agencies in 28 different countries with nothing but “thank you’s” from happy customers. The product is proud to say it was / is sold to some amazing clients including Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and the like. We have also been under licence in other names in both England and New Zealand. The company is proud of its products, designs, packaging, display stands, signage , compliment slips and even our business cards!

There has been tears, laughter, tantrums, joyuos results along with mishaps and gains too over the 7 years the company has been trading and there have been heart felt thanks from customers who have helped save their precious data and wet devices because of the Gadget Saver device, that is safe and voids no warranties! Not all water proof items are really water proof just water repellent!!

Lastly we are committed to continuous product development. Gadget Saver® also places a strong commitment to providing the highest quality product and service to our customers at the best possible price so that you, the end user will remember our product and the name that saved your expensive electronic device for a very small price…Gadget Saver